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The Rapido Catamaran 17 / 19m Commercial Version has a multitude of applications to generate strong financial returns for your business.

The Rapido Catamaran 17m (56') Owner's Version offers affordable luxury.

Go on, treat yourself!

Looking for a huge increase in performance and fuel economy - as well as a better sea ride?

The foiling cat will purr!


Rapido Catamarans' RC12 is a Power Cat that is ideal for both the tourism industry (including resorts) and as a water taxi commuter vessel!

Plugs, molds, production

Do you need plugs and molds for your boat?


Rapido Catamarans can help.


(8.5m x 2m)

Kuka Robot

(7 axis)


(Some say it's a little thing)

At Rapido Catamarans, we believe that capability is a function of high quality materials, high quality equipment and processes and high quality people. 

While this formula is as simple as it is transparent, it seems to be a point of difference for our customers.

Water world is a big place, home to many boats.


The boats come in all shapes, sizes, configurations for lots of different reasons - and are dominated by monohulls.

But does domination by numbers reflect an inherent domination over multihulls in terms of benefits?


At Rapido Catamarans, we think not. 


That's why we choose to build catamarans.

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