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Rapido Catamarans plugs molds production outsource.jpg

Do you need plugs and molds for your boat?


Rapido Catamarans can help.

The sense to outsource

Rapido Catamarans' sister company, Triac Composites, has the equipment and personnel to build boats. And so do lots of other shipyards.

But differentiating our offering is that we also have a strong capability.

We are proud to be an internationally owned and managed company here in Vietnam which has such a wonderful pool of committed and talented labour.

Our workforce has been trained to operate sophisticated equipment including autoclaves, robots, CNC machines, RTMs etc.


Additionally, here in HCMC, Vietnam, we are literally located on the banks of the Nha Be River.

















This gives us the option of launching finished vessels directly into the river where it can be sailed to the oceans of the world (no bridges to restrict passage) or barged to the nearest wharf to be loaded onto a cargo ship. In summary, no longer are we restricted to building vessels that must be trucked on narrow roads.

Sometimes, it just makes sense to outsource.


For further details


For further details on Rapido Catamarans' capability or expertise in making plugs and molds, please click here or email

Nha Be River, Rapido Catamarans.jpg

Image: Rapido Catamarans, located on the banks of the Nha Be River in HCMC, Vietnam, can launch vessels directly into the river which has free access to the East Sea (South China Sea) and beyond. 

Video: making of plug for a mold

Below is a video of a plug being made for a Rapido 50 Trimaran.

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