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Video: Outsource production of your plugs and moulds

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Are you looking for a reputable international company in Asia to outsource the making of your plugs and molds?

Triac Composites can help.

Internationally owned and managed, Triac Composites is able to make plugs and molds for international companies such as Rapido Trimarans as well as a growing number of other international companies.

Triac Composites' capability includes an international management and production team as well as highly experienced and skilled local staff.

Equipment includes a new acquire 7 point Kuka milling robot, CNC machine, autoclave etc.

If you have the 3D drawing, we can build the perfect replica plug and from that, the all important mold.

Additionally, we are located on the Nha Be River in HCMC, Vietnam which enables us to lift bigger molds directly onto river barges. No longer are we restricted by the size of trucks to shift molds.

Further information

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