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Rapido Catamarans' RC12, designed by Albatross Marine, is a Power Cat that is ideal for both the tourism industry (including resorts) and as a water taxi commuter vessel!

General Specifications

Length / Longueur

  • Length / Longueur max: 12.00m

  • Length of hull / longueur de coque: 12.00m

  • Length of waterline (at DWL) / Longueur à la flottaison: 11.95m


Beam /Largeur

  • Maximum beam / largeur max: 4.55m

  • Beam of hull / largeur de coque: 4.55m

  • Beam at waterline (at DWL)* / Largeur à la flottaison: 1.02m

  • Beam between centres of buoyancy / Largeur totale à la flottaison: 3.40m


Depth / Profondeur

  • Maximum depth / tirant d’eau: 2.31m

  • Midship depth/ Tirant d’eau centre de carène: 2.31m


Freeboard  / Franc-bord

  • Freeboard forward  (up to hawsehole) Franc bord avant: 1.28m

  • Freeboard midship (up to hawsehole) Franc bord centre de carène: 1.31m

  • Freeboard aft (up to deck level) Franc bord arrière: 0.65m


Draught / Tirant d’eau

  • Canoe body draught (at DWL) /tirant d’eau flotteur: 0.79m

  • Minimum draught (at LC) / Tirant d’eau minimum: 0.70m

  • Maximum draught (at LDC)/ Tirant d’eau maximum: 1.00m


  • No. - Two

  • Electical/hybrid, diesel


  • Up to 50

  • Crew: 3


  • 8-20 knots


  • "C" inshore

Download the Complete Set of Specifications


  • To download the General Specifications (dated 10 Sept. 2019) in pdf format, click here


General Information

Rapido Catamarans' RC12


The RC12 has been designed for both the tourism industry (including resorts) and as a fun party boat. It can also be used as a water taxi commuter vessel. AMD won the European Product Design Gold Award for their 10m variation of this water taxi.


Dr Nazarov says that the priority has been to design an affordable, light, airy and spacious boat that is safe, comfortable, practical and easy to maintain. The RC12 is highly efficient and offers environmentally friendly options of hybrid or electric propulsion with solar energy. The design also takes into consideration low wave and low noise to minimize negative impacts in operating areas.


Dr Nazarov also notes that catamarans feature 30-50 per cent lower vertical accelerations and shocks compared to monohull craft of similar size. The RC12 design further ensures passengers enjoy a very comfortable stable motion at speeds of up to 15-20kts (depending on the propulsion system selected).


The RC12 is at home operating in the choppy conditions of estuaries, harbors and major rivers where there is a lot of traffic. In addition, the vessel is highly maneuverable in tight areas due to wide separation of the propulsion units.


The design shows a care about people with disabilities, so boarding of passengers has also been designed for wheelchair users. There are designated wheelchair zones, with adjacent seats for accompanying persons.


Safety is paramount and the boat complies to ISO Small Craft Standards for Category C and can be built to specific National regulations as required.


The structure is composite sandwich with carbon reinforcements.


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